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Summary of Chapters 1-15, published in RAIS, August 2020; and ResearchLEAP, February 2021.

Summary of Chapters 16 - 30, published in RAIS, October, 2020, and ResearchLEAP, April 2021.


Synthisophy - Integrating the wisdoms of history into present culture

Roots – Synthesis/History/Sophy

Synthesis - the integration of separate material or abstract entities into a single  
or unified whole

History - what has happened in the past; a detailed description of past events as
relating to a particular people, country, period, etc…

Sophy - Greek root: wisdom, knowledge; an intellectual system embracing
knowledge and truth; study of the real world based on fact and truth, science

As you know, the USA today is a very polarized society. Technology in the Digital Age can be challenging. It can also be an avenue for us to interact despite differences in viewpoints and geography. That is the role of Synthisophy, integrating the wisdoms of history based on fact and truth into present culture. To foster an understanding of the real world, it’s important to learn about points of view which don’t match your own.

Citizens are the crux of democracy, an educated and well informed citizenry is vital for the survival of a democratic republic. As Benjamin Franklin said after exiting the Constitutional Convention and was asked what sort of government the delegates had created, his answer was, “We’ve given you a Republic, can you keep it?” With synthisophy in mind the answer to his question is “Yes, we can.”


"We've given you a Republic, can
you keep it?" Ben Franklin after
Constitutional Convention

"If we falter and lose our freedoms,
it will be because we destroyed
ourselves." Abraham Linclon

"United we stand, divided
we fall." John F. Kennedy
Inaugural speech

"I believe, as I always have, 
that America's strength is in
'We the People.'" Ronald Reagan

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A lawyer for former Vice President Mike Pence discovered about a dozen documents marked as classified last at Pence’s Indiana home last week, and he has turned those classified records over to the FBI.  The FBI and the Justice Department’s National Security Division have launched a review of the documents and how they ended up in Pence’s house in Indiana. The discovery comes after Pence has repeatedly said he did not have any classified documents in his possession.

Pence asked his lawyer with experience handling classified material to conduct the search of his home out of an abundance of caution. Sources said that the attorney, Matt Morgan, began going through four boxes stored at Pence’s house last week, finding a small number of documents with classified markings. Pence’s lawyer immediately alerted the National Archives, the sources said. In turn, the Archives informed the Justice Department. A lawyer for Pence told CNN that the FBI requested to pick up the documents with classified markings that evening, and Pence agreed. Agents from the FBI’s field office in Indianapolis picked up the documents from Pence’s home.

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Source: CNN

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced on Wednesday that Germany would send an initial shipment of 14 Leopard 2 tanks (top pic) to Ukraine and allow other nations to send their own, relenting after weeks of domestic and international pressure to deliver armored vehicles aimed at helping Kyiv regain territory seized by Russia. The move came hours before President Biden announced that the United States will send M1 Abrams tanks

Speaking at the White House after a morning of telephone calls to European allies, Mr. Biden said that the United States would send 31 Abrams tanks (bottom pic), the equivalent of a Ukrainian battalion, and that Germany would follow through by contributing its own Leopard 2 tanks and freeing other allies to send their own, the equivalent of two more battalions.

Britain’s announcement this month that it would send 14 of its Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine. Finland, the Netherlands and Spain said that they would seek to send tanks to Ukraine, or were open to doing so. Poland said on Tuesday that it had sought Germany’s permission to send Leopard tanks from its own stocks.

The Leopard 2, first introduced in 1979, is used by 13 European armies, according to the European Council on Foreign Relations, and together, these militaries have an estimated 2,000 vehicles. It is one of the world’s leading battle tanks and would offer a big step forward in capability for Ukraine, which has been using Soviet-era tanks. Volodymyr Zelensky hailed the tank deployments as “an important step on the path to victory”.

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Source: NYT

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On January 7, around 8:30 p.m., Memphis officers pulled over a vehicle for reckless driving, according to a statement from Memphis police. However, the Memphis police chief, Cerelyn Davis, said in an interview with NBC that the department had not been able to confirm why Mr. Nichols the driver (top pic) had been stopped.

The five officers - Demetrius Haley, Tadarrius Bean, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr and Justin Smith (bottom pic) - were fired last week. They were taken into custody on Thursday and each faces charges of second-degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, official misconduct and official oppression.

Here’s what happened:

About 8:24 p.m. Officers confront Tyre Nichols at a traffic stop.
Officers stop Mr. Nichols at the and push him to the ground. As officers wrestle with him, Mr. Nichols can be heard saying, “I didn’t do anything.”

About 8:25 p.m. The first struggle occurs, and Mr. Nichols flees.
Several officers try to forcefully pin Mr. Nichols to the ground, shouting expletives and threats. Mr. Nichols can be heard saying: “OK! I am on the ground,” and: “You guys are really doing a lot right now. I'm just trying to go home.” Seconds later, officers appear to use a stun gun on him. He breaks free and starts running, with at least two officers running after him.

About 8:33 p.m. Officers beat Mr. Nichols repeatedly for about three minutes. One of the four videos released by the city of Memphis shows Mr. Nichols already on the ground less than half a mile from where the traffic stop occurred. Officers slap and push Mr. Nichols, who screams, “Mom!” Mr. Nichols’s mother’s house is 60 yards away.

A police officer sprays Mr. Nichols in the face with a chemical spray. “Give me your hands!” yell the officers, as Mr. Nichols tries to wipe his face. “All right, all right,” he says, and moves to put his hands behind his back. “Watch out, I’ll spray your eyes again,” one officer says as he sprays Mr. Nichols another time. Two officers pin Mr. Nichols while a third kicks him near his face at least two times. “Hit him!” one officer yells as another circles Mr. Nichols, beating him with a baton. The struggle continues for several minutes as officers shove and drag him. At least one officer punches Mr. Nichols, who is now standing, several times in the head.  Mr. Nichols staggers around, restrained at both sides, and then collapses, and officers pin him face down. He remains there for almost two minutes.

Throughout the struggle, Mr. Nichols appears to have been kicked violently at least twice in the face, beaten three times with a baton, sprayed in the face twice with a chemical and punched in the head six times, all within the span of three minutes.

About 8:37 p.m. Mr. Nichols is handcuffed and immobile.  
Mr. Nichols is eventually handcuffed and is critically injured. Officers drag him to a nearby car and prop him up in a seated position. At one point, Mr. Nichols slumps to the ground, and an officer props him back against the car.

About 8:41 p.m. After medics arrive, 16 minutes pass before first aid is provided.
Two medics arrive on the scene a few minutes after Mr. Nichols is placed against the car and check on Mr. Nichols, but they do not appear to be in a hurry. Almost 16 minutes later, medics appear to open their medical bags for the first time, and provide aid. Minutes later, officers bring in a stretcher, and an ambulance arrives at about 9:02 p.m. In total, he remains at the car for more than 24 minutes as officers walk around.

About 9:18 p.m. Mr. Nichols is transported to St. Francis Hospital.

Mr. Nichols complains of shortness of breath and is taken to St. Francis Hospital, about six miles away. An autopsy report later found that he “suffered excessive bleeding caused by a severe beating.”

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Sources: NYT, Fox, NBC

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U.S. officials say a massive surveillance balloon believed to be from China and seen above Montana is being tracked as it flies over the continental United States.

"The United States government has detected and is tracking a high-altitude surveillance balloon that is flying over the continental United States right now," Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said in a statement on Thursday. "NORAD [North American Aerospace Defense Command] continues to track and monitor it closely."  NORAD "assesses the balloon does not present a military or physical threat to people on the ground at this time. The balloon is currently traveling at altitude well above commercial air traffic."

China's foreign ministry has claimed it is a civilian balloon used for meteorological purposes, but U.S. politicians, many on the right, are already demanding President Joe Biden shoot it down. Officials continue to closely monitor the vessel as they have since it entered the country -- while voicing their concern to Beijing.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has postponed his upcoming trip to China in response to the flying of a suspected Chinese spy balloon over the United States.

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Source: ABC

What do you think of President Biden’s State of the Union address and Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Republican response?

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