Grading Rubric - Synthisophy Course


      7 papers in this course - 40% of final grade:

                  100 – shows a complete understanding (100%) of the topics

                  90 – shows an understanding of 90% of the topics

                  80 - shows an understanding of 80% of the topics

                  70 - shows an understanding of 70% of the topics

                  60 - shows an understanding of 60% of the topics

                  50 - shows an understanding of 50% of the topics

                  The lowest of the 7 grades will be discounted for each student.

rades will be discounted for each student.

      Class Participation - 40% of final grade:
Students will learn how to improve their ability to think and reason, to better understand
                  the basis
for their opinions, and to build rational arguments based on fact in discussions
                  and debates; as well as developing cooperative, non-judgmental and listening skills –
                  This grade will be determined by my observation and documentation of student performance
                  in these areas from the start of the course as the baseline to the end of the course, as
                  reflected in their improvement in their ability to think critically and present rational arguments
                  in political discussions as well as improvement in their cooperative, non-judgmental and
                  listening skills. Guidance in this area will be provided by myself over the course of these
                  discussions and 1:1 with students as suggested or requested.

      Final Paper- 20% of final grade:

                  Provide a description of synthisophy in the context of history, science, politics and society.

                  Then choose an area they might pursue to address polarization in politics and society

                  today and Take Action, as brainstormed and covered in Chapter 29.  Students will address

                  that topic and describe what they would do or what actions could be taken to address that 

                  issue and solve that problem.


                  100 – coherent presentation with a rational description of topic and process


                  75 – semi-coherent presentation with a partially rational description of topic and/or process


                  50 – incoherent presentation with unclear description of topic and/or process


                  Numerical grades of 50 to 100 will be given based on the above gradient